Cloud Based

A completely cloud-based platform provides global availability and increased reliability through the Mierue web console.

Transaction management

Remotely monitor and report on all unattended transactions across multiple parking environments to gain verbose insights into overall performance.

Modular SaaS

Custom console components based on the requirements for your unique parking environment.

Fully integrated

Complete integration with Mierue-enabled parking devices for an entire suite of parking elements which include access control, payments, space availability, etc.


Mierue Devices

Our versatile platform is built to meet the requirements of parking environments ranging from large metropolitans to single parking lots. Mierue supports a variety of parking devices commonly used in parking facilities and unattend parking environments which include:

Custom integrations are also available. Please contact us for details.

Barrier and slide gates

Payment stations (ex. pay-on-foot and pay-and-display)

Ticket machines

Parking lot space detection

Card access control



Save Time & Money

Centralized management reduces the time to identify potential issues or actions as well as reducing the number of personnel required to perform tasks.

Increase Visibility

Tight integration with Mierue-enabled devices allows for remote monitoring and control over a variety of parking elements which provides insights into parking usage, performance, profitability and more.

Realtime Access

As a cloud-based platform, Mierue provides operators the ability to control access and update machines in near realtime from any internet connected device.

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